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  • Libin Huang professor
  • Lingfei Mo associate professor Masters Supervisor 1)Measurement & Sensing; 2)RFID (Radio Frequency Identification); 3)Internet of Things & LPWAN; 4)Machine Learning &Artificial Intelligence; 4)Brain-like Intelligence and Computational Neuroscience; Office Telephone:025-83751512 mailbox:lfmo@seu.edu.cn Postal address:School of Instrument Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, China
  • Ziying Ma lecturer
  • Hongsheng Li professor
  • Shuguo Pan professor
  • Qimin Xu lecturer 1. Integrated navigation and control of intelligent vehicle 2. Multi-sensor robust fusion for intelligent vehicle-infrastructure system Office Telephone: mailbox:101012500@seu.edu.cn Postal address:Room 321, ZhongXin Building
  • Dunzhu Xia professor
  • Qing Wang professor
  • Dong Wang lecturer
  • Peng Wang lecturer