Professor Song aiguo's team won the Best Human-Computer Interface Award in the 2019 Inclusive Robot Challenge

Release time:2019-09-22viewed:326

The 2019 World Robotics Congress--Inclusive Robot Challenge hosted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Department of Engineering and Materials Science, the Department of Information Science, the Chinese Institute of Electronics, and the China Society of Mechanical Engineering was held in Beijing YiChuang International Exhibition Center on August 19-25, 2019. The team of Song Aiguo from our school and the Hefei Institute of Intelligent Machinery of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed the Tactile Sensing Smart EMG Handicap to win the Best Human-Computer Interface Award in this competition.

The competition emphasizes the practical application of communicative robot technology in industrial manufacturing and rehabilitation, and brings together the innovation achievements of the major research project of Fundamental Theory and Key Technology Research of Communicating Robots, and continues to provide innovative ideas and scientific support for the development of robotics and industry in China. To promote the research and development capabilities and talent cultivation of China's basic theory, technology and industry of robots.