Our school held a seminar on course teaching

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In order to improve the teaching quality of the school, meet the development needs of curriculum ideology and politics and other teaching reforms, promote and implement the revision of undergraduate and postgraduate training programs, and further play the role of classroom teaching in educating people, On the afternoon of August 26, 2019, our school held a course teaching meeting. Secretary Wang Jun, vice President Li Hongsheng, vice President Zhu Xuefen, and about 40 teachers attended the meeting, which was presided over by Vice President Zhu Xuefen. 

The school invited professor Chen jun, dean of transportation school of Southeast University, to teach the teaching design and implementation of curriculum thoughts and politics.  Chen explained and analyzed the meaning, design, and implementation of curriculum ideology and politics in-depth and in detail, combining with his years of rich teaching practice. How to combine course content in the search for a proper contact and melting point, integrate the elements of ideological and political education into the teaching of various courses, grasp the core links of curriculum reform, to promote teachers, teaching activities and teaching to the same direction,  to promote the organic unity of ideological and political education and knowledge education, which is the highlight of the report. Then, Chen and teachers of our school had an in-depth discussion and communication on the related topics of ideological and political courses. 

Finally, Li Xu introduced the revised postgraduate training program of our school in the summer.  Each teacher carried on the hot exchange and the discussion to the training plan follow-up implementation work. 

This course teaching exchange meeting is of great significance to promote the teaching reform of our school, such as course ideology and politics, improve the educational and teaching ability of our school, and improve the quality and level of undergraduate and postgraduate talents training.