Thesis Requirement
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Thesis Requirement

Thesis Proposal  The thesis in Instrument and Meter Engineering should have a clear engineering technology background and application value. It can involve system analysis and integration, research and development, management and decision making, and etc. Especially the thesis can focus on research and development on information acquisition, transmission, processing and utilization of new systems, new products, new processes, new technologies, engineering software or application software. The thesis must involve certain technical difficulty and sufficient workload. It must display the student’s ability to solve practical problems with the knowledge he has obtained. The thesis should have a theoretical basis, with advanced and innovative results, but also pay attention to practicality.
Literature Reading  Students are required to read at least 20 papers, including 5-10 papers in foreign language, on topics related to their thesis and research area, and write a literature survey. 
Thesis Writing  In addition to meet the requirement issued by the university, the thesis must be written in a systematic and complete way. It should present clear concepts, correct argument, rigorous discussion, correct calculation, and reliable data. The thesis should have concise writing structure, smooth and concise writing style with clear charts and pictures, and not be less than 20,000 words.
Thesis Quality  Thesis should be written based on student’s own research. The finding presented in the thesis should have high academic value and positive impact on economic development of China. Students are required to conduct research related to their thesis for at least 1 year.
Outcome Assessment  Students are required to publish at least one paper (the first author) in the area of their research or file one invention patent (the top three authors with the first two being their supervisors) before being eligible for applying for a Master degree.