Wireless Sensor Networks
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Wireless Sensor Networks

Term: Spring semester; Credit: 2

Instructor:  Prof. Guangming Song


Computer Network

Wireless communication

Course Description:

This course discusses communication protocols, architectures and applications of wireless sensors networks. Recent advances in the research on wireless sensor networks will also be introduced. When a student completes this course, he should be able to: understand the state-of-the-art in sensor network protocols, architectures and applications, understand how to design and implement wireless sensor networks, and know the fundamental issues and research challenge in this area.

Reference Book:

  1. Wireless Sensor NetworksIan F. Akyildiz, and Mehmet Can VuranWiley, 2010

  2. Wireless Sensor Networks: A Systems Perspective, Nirupama Bulusu, Sanjay Jha, Artech House, Hardcover, Published July 2005, ISBN 1580538673

  3. Protocols and Architectures for Wireless Sensor Networks , Holger Karl ,  Andreas Willig. Wiley (June 24, 2005)

Grading Policy:

  • AT-Class presentation30%

  • Final Project Report70%