Microsystems Technology & Application
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Microsystems Technology & Application

Term: Spring semester; Credit: 2

Instructor:  Libin Huang & Jinxing Liang


Machine Design, University Physics, Engineering Mechanics, Automatic Control Theory

Course Description:

Microsystems are miniature devices or systems composed of micro-mechanism, microsensor, microacutuator, signal processing and controlling circuit, interface, communication and power supply. Microsystems have characteristics of low cost, small capacity, lightweight, high reliability, batch production.

The objective of this course is to provide students with the necessary fundamental knowledge and experience in the design, manufacture, testing and packaging of Microsystems.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Materials for MEMS

  • Scaling Laws in Miniaturization

  • Machining and Manufacture of Microsystem

  • Microsystem Packaging

  • Working Principles of Microsystems

  • Microsystems Design

  • Application of Microsystems

Reference Book:

1) Tai-Ran Hsu . MEMS & Microsystems----Design and Manufacture. 1st edition, China Machine Press, 2004

2) Ken Gilleo. MEMS/MOEMS Packaging ----Concepts, Designs, Materials, and Processes. 1st edition, Chemical Industry Press, 2008

3) Wang  Qiming . An Introduction to MEMS. 1st edition, USTC Press,2003

4) Liu  Guangyu. MEMS with Application. 1st edition, Buaa Press, 2003

5) Li Xiaoming. MEMS Design and Manufacture. 1st edition, National Defense Industry Press,2006

Grading Policy:

  • Case Study Presentation30%

  • Final Course Report70%