Digital Signal Processing (For Instrument)
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Digital Signal Processing (For Instrument)

Term: Fall semester; Credit: 3

Instructor:  Dr. Hong Zeng


Signals and Systems

Course Description:

This course is to enable the graduate students majoring in Instrument and Meter Engineering to master the fundamental concepts, principles, analysis methods of digital signal processing, and then to apply the theorems in practical applications. Furthermore, by utilizing the textbook in English and performing teaching in English, the course aims to make the students be familiar with the specialized literature in English, to improve the students their reading, listening and speaking abilities, so that they are prepared for further study of other courses and their careers. Topics covered in this course include:

Chapter 1 Fundamentals on digital signals and digital signal processing

Chapter 2 Analysis of Discrete-Time Signals and Systems in Time Domain

Chapter 3 Analysis of Discrete-Time Signals in Transform Domain

Chapter 4 Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems in Transform Domain

Chapter 5 Digital Processing of Continuous-Time Signals

Chapter 6 Digital Filter Structures

Chapter 7 Digital Filter Design


  1. S.k.MitraDigital Signal Processing- a computer-based approach (4th Edition),电子工业出版社,2011

Reference Book:

  1. A. V. Oppenheim, Discrete-Time Signal Processing (3rd Edition), Prentice Hall, 2009

  2. 宋爱国、刘文波、王爱民,测试信号分析与处理,机械工业出版社,2006

  3. 胡广书,数字信号处理,清华大学出版社,2002

Grading Policy

Attendance, Homeworks (10%)

Final Exam (90%)