Brief Introduction
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         Instrument and Meter Engineering, related to the national economy, scientific research and every aspects of people’s daily life, is a comprehensive engineering field that provides facilities, equipment and technologies for detecting, measuring, supervising and controlling various physical phenomena, as well as important technical guarantee for human society. Instrument and Meter Engineering involves precision machinery, electronics technology, optoelectronic technology, and computer technology. It has developed into a comprehensive engineering field that intersects and penetrates such fields as precision instrumentation and machinery, measurement & control technology and instrument, optoelectronic engineering, electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, control science and engineering, information and communication engineering. 
        The scope of Instrument and Meter Engineering can be summarized as follows: product development, process development, equipment design, technological innovation, quality control, measurement & test, business management, new plant construction, project planning, digestion and absorption of imported devices, engineering feasibility studies, and etc. The industry coverage of Instrument and Meter Engineering includes: scientific instruments, analytical instruments, optical instruments, testing machines, laboratory equipment, industrial automation & instrumentation, electrical measuring instruments, general and special automatic test systems, navigation equipment, medical equipment, and etc.